Her ex left behind a special chiar emblematic of a kind of stubbornness. She told me, “it represents the brokenness of my ex.” I think it’s him. So, I treated it like a body, highlighting the scars.

RHINO, FUSION 360 (CNC Toolpaths/Machining), TORMAQ CNC, South Bend Lathe, finishing (wood+metal).

My Process
oak, custom brass repairs, 2024

Two early 20th century chairs from a Rhode Island beach house. Rather than re-caning the chairs, local sugar kelp welded together with bioplastic makes the seats functional again. This is a repair.

My Process
Kelp, Bioplastic, Reed, Brass, 2024

Three felled Birch trees self-harvested 40 miles away. An inquiry into environmentally cognizant, hyper-local furniture.

woodworking, joinery, lathe, tree felling, materials sourcing, hand tools, finishing.

My Process
Black Birch, 2022

A table for a patio.

woodworking, joinery, lathe, milling and processing, structures, hand tools.

My Process
Mahogany, 2023

18 inch tall side table with a turned bowl in the center.

My Process
Ash, 2022

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